Updated: Aug 9, 2019

05/08/2019 ... How to describe today's day? Theoretically it should have been the description of a "typical day" in inspection, but no, I have to postpone that to chapter 3 ... or to follow, because today both breath and legs have led me to check the path of the excursion next Sunday in Val Baracca. Humble name, unique place in its wild beauty And this beauty - it may be impossible to describe this place properly. I could define the geographical position, tell what is in the SAC (Special Conservation Area) and SPA (Special Protection Area), what the latter are and what they represent. Bah .. It would be a good start, but not enough. What the Val Baracca is, in reality, goes beyond any mere technical explanation. It is only when we follow the path (which occasionally surprises you with a few steep climbs, just to remind you that what is most beautiful should cost you at least a little sweat) that step by step we can realize its richness and beauty. As it happens, given the time, doing the inspection this evening has meant reaching the Coicia waterfall in total solitude: in its full splendor. During the day the site is now known and visited, so .. thanks: to whom? To all the visitors who up to now have maintained such respect towards the place that you will not find paper nor other sort of waste on the path or on the beach of the waterfall. Perhaps because even if someone had accidentally dropped something from their backpack, later visitors have considerately gathered up. Thank you. Excellent example for all of us to follow. As usual, I pushed myself too far. Do you want the smart description from 2019? "A fabulous place". But for those who really know it is an understatement. Anyway .. I’ve said all I usefully can, so .. give space in your thoughts to the images in this chapter and ... see you on Sunday.

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