Serena, born in 1983. Master's degree in Sciences and technologies of biological monitoring.

Since fourteen years she works in the field of marine eco-tourism, with excursions on the coast and offshore.

Certified hiking guide (L.R. 23 December 1999, n. 44) associated with AIGAE (Italian Association of Hiking Environmental Guides).



Decades of experience in the field of environmental education: teaching laboratories held in the classroom and realization of public events.




Since 2016, is associated with Ponentexperience, an association of certified Excursion Environmental Guides, dedicated to the discovery of the Western Liguria across sea and mountains.




Since 2018, is associated with Alta Val d'Orba APS for the promotion and sustainable development of tourism at Alta Val d'Orba.

Certified Hiking and Nature Guide, associated AIGAE

SERENA SIRI works with Certified Hiking Environmental Guides and educational operators with many years' experience, diving centers and underwater operators specialized in eco-tourism activities, networking high professional profiles at your disposal to build the activity on fit for you!

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