2016 - 2019 ..On the tracks of the wolf

10 October 2016: the small experimental project "The wolf paths in Alta Val d'Orba" starts. In agreement with the Beigua Regional Natural Park, this activity has two sides, research and tourism: an excursion open to the public on a monthly basis during which the traces of the wolf are actively sought by the participants in Val d'Orba and in the Park of Beigua. At the same time, a photo-trap is placed which will remain active every night to monitor a so-called "marking area". The main actions for data collection were: - Search for tracks - mostly wolf droppings - Photo-trapping The "Tourist" aspect has instead pursued the objectives of: - Increasing people's knowledge of the species - Raising public awareness of a sensitive issue such as wolf management by debunking false information and clichés. It was fantastic in these first three years of activity to see the interest and sometimes the enthusiasm of the participants in entering with respect and attention "the world of the wolf", both in a metaphorical and literal sense, through the exploration of its habitat . 3 years of activity and passion that led to: - 30 excursions of both large and small groups. Thanks to the My Trekking association which, believing in this small project, through the participation of its associates has actively contributed to the research by donating a photo-trap. The experience of private groups who specifically requested the activity is also wonderful. The more human-sized context, or perhaps I should say "wolf-sized" made the experience even more impactful. - 250 Km traveled up and down through woods and meadows on the tracks of this wonderful predator. - More than 200 photo-traps of wildlife, of which about 100 wolf, which does not mean that there are 100 wolves but that in 3 years the photo-trap has recorded about 100 passages, sometimes of the same specimens several times same day. The comparison of the videos obtained also confirmed the habits of the species and, although the images were captured in most cases in infrared, no photos were ever captured with evident signs of hybridization, which bodes well for the stability of the especially of the pack present in the area (it is not the official conclusions but the result of a preliminary analysis of the data). 2020 will open the new cycle of excursions and data collection, with new equipment and activities: - Trekking - Didactic activities for the school - Multi-day excursions Stay tuned, next day excursion Sunday 19 January 2020! Finally, thanks to all those who from 2016 to today have participated in the excursions, making this small and precious project possible: data, observations and emotions have combined to make each experience unique and special. And thanks to you, who with that intense and mysterious gaze like the forest that is your home, captured me in Entracque in 2017 and have never let me go.

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