FOR THE SCHOOL organizes and carries out activities for the school for years with passion and attention to every need.

The following are briefed proposals for day trips and labs in the classroom or in the field.

For more information contact us or download the pdf of the 2019-2020 catalog (available in Italian) with the complete files of all activities.


Trips and experiences in the Riviera di Levante to the discovery of wonderful natural heritage such as the Regional Natural Park of Portofino and the Gulf of Tigullio with Sestri Levante, the "City of fairy tales".


The Beigua area, which hosts the largest regional park in Liguria, offers the possibility of making trips and experiences that are among the most diversified: from trekking over a thousand meters with a view over the sea to guided experiences to discover pristine forests .


From the stories of ancient maritime republics that fought with ferocious pirates to explore a wild and uncontaminated nature. The Riviera di Ponente offers the opportunity to live experiences of great historical and naturalistic value.


A day dedicated to the discovery of both the terrestrial and marine Ligurian natural heritage.

The program includes guided trekking in the morning, packed lunch on the beach and in the afternoon briefing and snorkeling activities in collaboration with Divenjoy dive center.

N.B. Trekking-snorkeling programs differentiated by age.


The sea excursions dedicated to whale watching allow you to discover the incredible biodiversity of the Ligurian Sea: research, sighting of cetaceans in their natural environment and observation of other marine species.

The accompaniment of a certified Nature Guide guarantees the quality of the service.



Educational project that explores the Ligurian marine environment in the company of a legendary character ...
Captain Nemo will take the children to explore the wonders of the underwater world ... while sitting comfortably in the classroom!

Thanks to a magical device that the underwater video-operator will bring with him fish, corals, crustaceans and many other other organisms will present themselves and talk to the children to learn about the thousand curiosities of this wonderful underwater world!

Teaching Laboratory by Coop. Ziguele


The sea... in the classroom: a real immersion to discovering the depths of the Mediterranean Sea in live stream thanks to the Under Water Project.

At school with multimedia support and the presence of a marine biologist, it will be possible follow in live a video-diver operator. From the seabed we will observe the biodiversity of the sea. A true exploration of nature where participants will have the opportunity to interact with the video operator guiding him, satisfying their curiosity.

Teaching laboratory
by Coop. Ziguele


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